The Rage Of The River Almost Killed Me

I have always been a fan of river rafting and once we went rafting down the Snake River. It was a wonderful trip. The river is an incredible ride, and it is an adrenalin rush. I was going with friends who had experience where I had never been on this river. On one of the first times out we pushed off on in a five man raft. The group I was with said “let’s go over that submerged rock over there.”


We directed the raft over to that portion of the river and we hit that rock straight on. I could feel the rock through the raft floor as we traveled over it. I had never experienced anything like what happened next. There was so much power in the water running over that rock that there was a suction on the other side. The raft traveled over the rock to the down river side and the turbulence in front of the rock caused the raft to stop. It literally sucked the middle of the raft down deeper in the water than it normally road. This stopped the raft suddenly. I was on the front side of the raft and just past the rapid so didn’t see what was happening.

When the raft stopped, and then creased in the center as the power of rapid sucked down it threw me off balance. I fell into the mountain snow runoff and went underwater in the fast moving river. As I went into the water my back landed on another rock. The raft, now lose from the rapid, traveled over me. I felt my buddies’ feet though the raft as they traveled over me. The raft continued to move over me and when I surfaced my friends helped me back into the raft and we continued on.


So like the picture above the white line around the rock shows the power of the water moving over and creating a suction at the front of the rock.  I will never forget the feel of that power.

The action of the water as it moves down the river creates power. The power to move mountains! As the water continues on it picks up speed which increases its power. Starting as tiny drops of melted snow, the small trickles of water come together. The more water there is, the more movement there is. The more movement there is, the more power.

In your life your actions are the tiny drops of snow as you create actions no matter how small they come together and become a raging torrent as they move down the path of life. Make movement, create actions, and start moving in a slightly different direction. Those changes will end up in incredible powerful future as it travels downhill. You will have the amazing life you desire and it will start with a snow flake of change. Tell me what snow flake will you drop next to create the river that will be Your Amazing Life?