“I’ve Fallen out of Love,” and Other Relationship Lies We Tell

There are many relationship lies. Some we tell to our partner. Some we tell to our therapist and counselor. Others we tell to ourselves. But no matter how convincing we are, it doesn’t make them less of a lie. We will talk about a few of the main ones people use in their relationships. These are lies because they are not realistically what is going on in the relationship. Most often they are just an excuse and an attempt to emotionally protect the person telling them. The problem with telling these lies is most of the time they do not give us the protection that we expecting. Many people use these to keep themselves from getting hurt. But then these lies prove the break-up of the relationship which in turn increases the hurt we feel rather than protect us from it. One of the things I was told by my mom when I was contemplating divorce was “You only leave when it hurts more to stay together than it will hurt to leave, because it will hurt to leave.” So why, if it hurts so much to leave, do people divorce, sometimes multiple times?

Do you need tools to have a successful long term relationship? Do you find yourself using lies about your relationship with others?

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One Year of Dates to a Better Marriage


Dates designed to bring back love and commitment, to build a rewarding relationship between you and your spouse. These dates will create the environment to fall in love and learn about those things that brought you together in the first place.

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Overcoming the Pain in Your Life.

So, have you ever been in constant pain? I have been in that kind of agony several times. The last time was a neck injury, just two years ago. The Doctors had me drugged up and wanted to start me on cortisone shots in my neck. Then they started talking about surgery. I thought my life was done. I could not get out of bed, the throbbing stopped me from doing anything. I felt that I was going to live the rest of my life in bed. The discomfort was so bad I couldn’t do anything and the drugs just took the edge off it. I remember those feelings so well. You are not alone in that kind of pain I see people all around me in that much agony or even more each day. This constant hurt is a drain that allows life to flow out of us.

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