We work with Veterans, to create a community where we can share our similar experiences to create friendships and help reduce the number of veterans committing suicide. We are trained warriors, but how does a warrior exist without a war? We receive no training to return home. We as veterans go through some diļ¬ƒcult situations and see things we can't un-see.


To build a community of veterans that can support each other, pass on tools that have worked in their lives to create a feeling of well-being, belonging and strength. Each of us has things that we can offer to others. There are people who will resonate with our individual experiences. They will bless our lives and we'll all bless the lives of others as we share those experiences and what we have learned from them. We can moved forward and experience what goes right, having gratitude, and changing views of events. This will create an Amazing Life.
You might feel that you alone have experienced this. You probably think you should be tough enough to overcome this on your own. I mean you are a Military Veteran, Right? We all need role models who are open, honest and vulnerable! Veteran who will own their experience. Those who will help other vets overcome problems like they are going through. In the service you were not taught to talk about what you are going through. But what if by sharing your feelings you kept another soldier from taking their life?
By sharing the things you're feelings, You will change your life and the lives of those who hear it.

Know that there is help!

You can develop emotional strength!
It is possible for you to develop physiological courage!
Others in your situation have learned to deal with these emotions.
Just like you were trained to be a soldier you can now be trained to feel peaceful and worthy.
Terrible things can happen in the military, but you can develop useful responses to them!

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